Member Meditation Programs

Below are the currently available programs for members. We recommend doing one at a time, but you do you! If you have any questions or need any guidance, you can reach out to Matthew at

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21 Days of Heart Practices
10 Days to Better Sleep
Working with Anxiety
Living with Gratitude
Working with the Body
Walking Meditations
5 Minutes a Day (One Week)

21 Days of Heart Practices (21 Days)

Our first and most popular program, the 21 Days of Heart Practices contains meditations and talks for three weeks to help you investigate compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and more. 

10 Days to Better Sleep (10 Days)

Get your rest with ten meditation practices to help encourage sleep and ease. You can use these meditations at night to help promote relaxation and find a healthier relationship with sleep.

Working with Anxiety (14 Days)

Anxiety and stress can get the best of us. In this two week program, practices will be offered to help work with anxiety and change our responses to the overwhelm, stress, and chaos of everyday life.

Living with Gratitude (7 Days)

Cultivate a mind and heart inclined toward gratitude with a week of practices focusing on appreciation, tuning into joy, and gratitude for the people and experiences that bring us happiness.

Working with the Body (10 Days)

Investigate the physical experience with mindfulness, compassion, and care in this ten day program designed to help increase self-awareness.

Walking Meditations (7 Days)

Discover the practice of walking meditation with seven practices to investigate mindfulness, loving-kindness, and awareness on the go.

5 Minutes a Day (One Week)

Build a simple habit with only five minutes a day. Start with just a few minutes a day for a week to begin investigating concentration, mindfulness, and compassion practices.